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The CONIFER Lab is co-led by Drs. Joe Bowden and Eric Moise. Our research encompasses both basic and applied aspects of forest ecology, with broad interests ranging from plant-insect interaction, phenology, ecophysiology, and global change biology. We focus predominantly on the forests of Atlantic Canada, with particular emphasis on the boreal ecosystems of Newfoundland. The island's continentality, topography and simplistic species assemblages (relatively speaking) make Newfoundland an ideal location to conduct forest research.

                     Recent News​​
  • December 2019: Spruce budworm EIS manuscripts accepted in FACETS and Forests
  • November 2019: Butternut canker manuscript accepted in Plant Disease
  • August 2019: Heather won best poster presentation at the CSEE-ESC-AES 2019 meeting! Congrats!
  • June 2019: Welcome to our summer student crew of Logan, Alexis, Veronica, Aaron, Anderson and Luke
  • April 8/2019: Hiring season has begun for summer students

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